born in Massa, Tuscany, in 1993 and son to the Art Master Maurizio Fruzzetti, Dale developed a passion for experimenting with colors, drawings and imagination at a very early age. Already a Psychological and Social Sciences graduate (2015), in 2017 he specializes in Communications Psychology from University of Padova, moving on to work in Gucci until 2019.
Gucci’s stimulating and creative environment encouraged him to create his first collection of artworks, Serendipity of Emotions.  
In 2018, he launched his artistic project Dale Art Heritage and his peculiar brushstroke catches the eye of critics and of the public.
Frequent travels pushed the artist to experiment and reflect on the theme of the human being, of his/her psychic realm and on the world of emotion. 
Exploring the complexity of today’s society is the stimulus to embark on a tortuous journey within the human mind, in search of the color of emotions.
He moved gradually towards a personal pictorial research, combining traces of informal art and abstract expressionism with his own emotional and symbolic style. His goal is to investigate contemporary society through an accurate conjunction of chromatic connections. 
Emotion is the individual, social and cultural expression of
the self in a specific historical moment, depicted as a chromatic explosioion.
The power of this representation, Emotional Painting, recalls the expressive vigour of Jackson Pollock with incessant rivers of colour that allude to the immaginative dimension of Rorschach’s ink blots .
Emotional Painting is the artistic technique which creates and outlines an esthetic of emotion through art.
The world is perceived through the eyes of emotions in a kaleidoscopic interpretation of thoughts, words, people and landscapes.
His works have been presented in numerous collective and personal art shows, among which Dubai, Rome, Milan, Carrara, Pisa, Forte dei Marmi and Venice. 



Art constitutes the hinge of a universal language, made of different dialects, which bonds human beings and the world the live in.

This connection has the force to shape the culture of the society and to be the mouthpiece of the complexity of these heterogeneous voices.

The main inspiration for my artworks is gained observing the contemporary society with its peculiar features and its different characters.

This process stimulates a reflection represented by emotions, words and colors.