Dale (Massa, 1993) is a contemporary artist, he lives and works in Tuscany.

He obtained a Bachelor in Social Psychology (2015) then a Master in Communications Psychology in Padua University (2017).

From 2017 to April 2019 he worked at Gucci, a stimulating innovative environment, which drives him to create his first collection of artworks titled Serendipity of Emotions.

His artistic roots meet the creativity of the Contemporary Art with a special regard to the works of Christopher Wool, Keith Haring, David Shrigley, Roy Lichtenstein and Jackson Pollock.

His Art is a voice to share insights on contemporary society through emotions, colors and stories.


Art constitutes the hinge of a universal language, made of different dialects, which bonds human beings and the world in which they live in.

This connection has the force to shape the culture of the society and to be a mouthpiece of the complexity of these heterogeneous voices.

The main inspiration for my artworks is gained observing the contemporary society with its peculiar features and its different characters  

This process stimulates a reflection represented by emotions, words and colors.